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TikTok Activation


Project: Social Media, Photo and Video Production
Client: Radgonske gorice d.o.o.

TikTok = an opportunity for businesses

Every few years, a new platform redefines the way we use social media.

Currently, one of the most popular apps in the world is TIKTOK – a platform that allows you to create and share short videos.

It is the 3rd most popular social network in the world.
Users aged between 25 and 54 are reported to spend more than 45 min/day on the app.
It currently has more than 834 million users worldwide and will reach 1 billion by 2025.

And why are more and more brands choosing to join this platform?


TikTok content is designed to showcase a company’s personality and create trust in the brand.

Therefore, the more exposure a company has on the platform, the more likely it is to retain customers and win new ones, promote its products or services and increase its own brand awareness.


TikTok offers newer and more creative ways of interacting, allowing younger generations of consumers to get in touch and gain their loyalty.

By being present on TikTok, a brand shows that it is keeping up with the times and adapting to consumers, their preferences and habits.


More and more people are looking for ‘micro-entertainment’, which is why short and engaging content is more popular and more successful than longer and more dull content.

The aim is to create short, original videos that grab users’ attention in the first few seconds. It is imperative that the videos are relevant and, above all, aimed at the target audience and their consumption patterns.

Radgonske Gorice enter the TikTok scene

TikTok presents an attractive opportunity for companies to take advantage of the fast-growing world of social media and reach their target audience – young people – in a unique way.

With this in mind, we undertook a project for Radgonske gorice, within which we produced video content that:

increases brand awareness among young TikTok users encourage brand development
increases engagement and involvement of the target audience
encourages interaction (comments, likes and shares)
creates a positive relationship with the audience and build trust in the brand

And so TikToks were created on the @radgonskegorice profile, of which the most successful TikToks were those based on fun scenarios and relevant to our target audience:


By far the most successful video was the one in which four players try to correctly guess the flavours of canned fizzy alcoholic drinks – ŠpriCAR.

It is a TikTok, in which the viewer can follow the game and ask himself if, in the same situation, he would have been lucky enough to unravel the confusion of flavours.


Komu vse je uspelo razvozlati zmešnjavo okusov? 📦🥤🍊 #radgonskegorice #spricar #tiktokslovenia #summertime #challenge

♬ For videos! Rejector weakness system – MoppySound


The first one is followed in popularity by a clip of young people playing a game in which a glass is placed on a table and the players each pour their own flavour of ŠpriCAR into it. They continue to do so until the drink is spilled and the loser has to drink it as a punishment.

In the editing, we added voice-over and sound effects to accentuate the comic moments and build the tension until the much-anticipated defeat of one of the players.


Kateremu CARju se (ne) bo nasmehnila sreča? 🤞😉 #summerdrink #delicious #radgonskegorice #spricar #tiktokslovenia @Jan Klobasa @nikisemen

♬ Aces – Zach Sorgen & Yuval Maayan


In the creative design of the third clip, we had the idea to film the comical situation that occurs when an unsuspecting person discovers a huge supply of “emergency” ŠpriCAR in a colleague’s fridge.

To keep the viewers’ attention until the very last second, we used quick transitions between shots and editing tricks.


Nikoli ne veš, kdaj te lahko zagrabi žeja. 🤷💧 #spricar #radgonskegorice #elclasico #gear5 #ishowspeed

♬ original sound – Radgonske gorice

Our goal in entering the TikTok social media was to engage viewers and create a positive connection with the brand. We wanted to connect with the platform’s users in a comical way through shared videos, and introduce them to our unique style of communication. But we also wanted to show that ŠpriCAR is more than just a drink – it’s the star of all the parties that excites young people.

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