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2d animirani piščanec, ki v čolnu vesla na blejskem jezeru

AVE 2D animation


Project: 2D Animation, Photo and Video Production
Client: AVE, d.o.o.

The art of grabbing attention

In today’s world, with brands fighting for attention and a connection with their audiences, animation has the power to not only engage, but also to enhance understanding and create a strong and memorable impression with viewers.

Animation is a powerful tool for storytelling that goes beyond the boundaries of conventional advertising. This technique goes beyond the basic movement of images, as each element is carefully designed to open the door to a world where the most bold and creative ideas can be realized.

Creatively solving the challenge

The company AVE gave us the challenge to create a 2D computer animation for TV screens that would effectively communicate the brand essence and values.

This bold project gave us the opportunity to:
 create a likeable story tailored to the specific needs of the brand,
ensure product awareness and
create lasting links between the brand and its customers.

2D animation and storytelling

The main character of our animated story – a hen, equipped with a backpack and an adventurous spirit – bravely sets out on an important mission to share AVE’s promise of 100% Slovenian chicken and eco-friendly packaging with the world.

Every step of the way is thoughtfully designed to highlight Slovenia’s natural beauty while telling the story of AVE’s commitment to delivering top quality meat and environmentally friendly solutions.

The magical story of the hen begins amidst the idyllic plains of Prekmurje, typically sown with golden wheat. It is precisely because of the client’s location in the heart of the Slovenian grain belt, its connection to the local environment and its focus on processing premium grains into feed for AVE chickens, that our story begins in Prekmurje.

2d animation: chicken rowing in a boat on Lake Bled

The journey then takes her past the crystal-clear Lake Bled and green valleys, concluding at the top of Triglav, Slovenia’s highest peak and a symbol of Slovenian national identity and pride. Here, our hen announces AVE’s promise of 100% Slovenian chicken and eco-friendly packaging, symbolising the company’s commitment to sustainability and quality.

The slogan “ONLY LOCAL FOR ALL LOCALS” (“Samo domače za vse domače”) in the final part expresses the client’s overall concern for consumers. It strives for 100% local rearing, animal-friendly conditions, the use of only local feed, top quality meat and environmentally friendly packaging.

Innovative and impactful advertising

Animation techniques bring freshness to communication and have the ability not only to attract attention but also to create a lasting impression. This approach, which combines uniqueness, creativity and effectiveness, is proving beneficial for clients as it helps to successfully communicate their brands.

2D animations not only attract attention but also effectively convey the essence of the brand and its values. This approach allows brand messages to not only gain attention but also to really resonate with the target audience.

If you are interested in finding out how our innovative approach to advertising can enhance your brand and turn your project into a marketing sensation, we invite you to contact us at info@funkitmarketing.com.

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