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Pomgrad 8.0 Into the Future


Project: Events and Promotions, Artificial Intelligence
Client: Pomgrad d.d.

Creative AI interaction

At the request of the client Pomgrad d.d., we organised and held the “Pomgrad 8.0” event, which brought together employees and business partners, and with a touch of humour and the help of artificial intelligence (AI), conjured up a unique leap into the future of the construction industry.

The main part of the event was structured around a stand-up performance by Tadej Toš, which offered visitors a unique experience. However, as the event was designed to connect Pomgrad’s 80-year heritage with the future, creating a bridge between valuable past experiences and modern technological innovations, visitors were able to interact with artificial intelligence, demonstrating Pomgrad’s commitment to innovation and continuous progress.

Artificial intelligence – the architect of the future?

For the event, we used Midjourney – an advanced AI tool for fast and efficient creation of unique, high-quality visual content that can be used in a variety of contexts, from graphic design to architectural visualisation – to create specific visual images.

Upon entering the venue, visitors were invited to fill in a questionnaire indicating their preferences regarding location, season and favourite foods that they would like to incorporate into the image of their construction masterpiece. This information was then used as Prompts for Midjourney, which used these guidelines to generate unique digital creations – personalised dream house images.

Such a process was key to the interactivity and uniqueness of the event, as it not only demonstrated the capabilities of AI in graphic design and architectural visualisation, but also allowed visitors to become active co-creators of the event. This gave every participant the opportunity to express their creativity and innovation with the help of advanced technology.

Commemorating the past, building the future

By successfully linking the past and the future and using AI tools to create unique experiences, Pomgrad has shown that its commitment to progress and success is strong and forward-looking. This is clear evidence that Pomgrad is not only celebrating its rich history, but also actively (co)shaping its future.

The “Pomgrad 8.0” event was more than just an anniversary celebration; it was an expression of innovation and a vision that looks to the future.

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