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Panvita campaign: Choose local


Project: Brand Development, Graphic Design
Client: Panvita d.d.

What to choose when you can choose?

Raising awareness about the importance of locally produced fruit, vegetables and meats and short transport routes is key to promoting healthy and sustainable diets. 

By choosing locally produced food, we support local producers and we also reduce the burden on the environment by reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions from long transport distances.

The short transport route from the field to the consumer ensures, above all, the freshness of local fruit and vegetables. As the produce is usually harvested when ripe, this means that it can be enjoyed at its best in terms of quality, taste and nutritional value.

This not only contributes to our health, but also to preserving the environment and supporting the local economy.

Let’s start from the beginning …

As we at Funkit realised through conversation and short research that there is relatively low awareness of Panvita asparagus and strawberries, we came up with the idea that in the upcoming time of asparagus and strawberry abundance, it would make sense to create a campaign with attractive and informative content to achieve the following objectives: 

1. raise the public recognition of Panvita’s asparagus and strawberries, 

2. linking the Panvita brand with attractive seasonal products, 

3. raising awareness of the importance of eating local products with a short transport route,

4. raising the profile of the Panvita brand and 

5. increasing demand for Panvita asparagus and strawberries.

At the same time, we wanted to attract the attention of as large an audience as possible, strengthen trust in the brand and show support for local producers.

Insights into the making of the campaign

Thinking about “How can we best get the message of localism out to the public?”, the following note was written on a piece of paper and serves as an outline of an idea:


* Half of the word “Jamaica” is crossed out, leaving only the first two letters. When the word “gode” is added to them, a completely new word can be formed, i.e. “strawberry”.

From the graphic designer and copywriter’s side, after implementing minor graphic and text changes, the final version of the strawberry ad was created, followed by the asparagus version:


Countries such as Jamaica, Spain and, later, Belgium and Greece were featured in our graphics to show the origins of groceries that are often imported into our country. It is true that importing food from abroad gives access to many products that the domestic market may not produce at certain times, but it is also important to value and support seasonal, locally sourced foods.


The national campaign, which was deployed both digitally and through outdoor advertising (jumbo posters), attracted a lot of consumer attention and praise from the professional public. This was continued or implemented through the AVE brand, which featured advertisements for the loins and barbecue meat below, which could be seen all over Slovenia:

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