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Task: Packaging design and product fabrication
Product: canned soft drink from the “Spritz-Tease” brand
Client: Radgonske gorice d.o.o.


1. Construction of a new brand – a refreshing alcoholic beverage in the spritzer segment, focusing on the abroad market. The Slovenian version of brand name and image are not suitable for foreign markets.

2. The market is flooded with canned alcoholic beverages, a variety of mixtures with spirits and juices, pre-prepared cocktails, etc. – we want to place and distinguish the brand alongside the competition with striking visual content and strong sense of quality.

3. The main goal of the campaign is to showcase the “špriCAR” product as the oldest cocktail in the world – delicious, refreshing and always in style.


Since the product needs to stand out and we strive for an authentic image, we have evolved the brand based on a conceptual design; illustrative-graphic visuals which we perceived as a rarity in similar low-alcohol spritz drinks.

While sensibly determining the basic starting points, we took into account the client’s core values and the characteristics of the product itself while constantly linking the creative to its history. The goal is to portray tradition, freshness and fusion.

The concept was based on history and tradition – the “spritzer” being the FIRST COCKTAIL IN THE WORLD, told as an imaginative narrative. The main illustrated character of the original packaging is a wise man, a fictional character who embodies tradition and symbolizes quality. The colour scheme visualizes lightness and freshness, while traditional illustrations with thoughtfully selected typography and the sense of historical background contribute to a sense of authenticity.

The result is a holistically designed image that, through the narrative, enables the fabrication of a strong and stable brand, at the same time presenting the necessary starting points in a graphically interesting way – the origin and history of špriCAR (“The first of all”).

With the help of an imaginative character and accompanying story, Spritz-Tease is portrayed as a different, refreshing, playful and credible brand that differs significantly from the competition and thus positioning the brand of Radgonske gorice among the most innovative companies in the industry.

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