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Project: Graphic Design, Content Marketing
Client: IMO-REAL d.o.o.

Life in a green city centre

The client contacted us in the pre-launch phase of the official sale of apartments and business premises with the desire to create a campaign to communicate the ZELENI DVOR, an aesthetically appealing construction project that creates an oasis of peacefulness in the midst of the city’s lively hustle and bustle:

a top location in the heart of the city,

timeless architecture,

exclusive energy solutions,

preserving the value of the investment,

quality construction and

a green atrium for greater living comfort.

The campaign raises awareness of the new ZELENI DVOR neighborhood through graphic content and encourages enquiries about more information through a mix of bold and clever communication.

Showcasing an idyllic living environment

The campaign uses short captions on the graphics to highlight familiar “proverbial situations” in the building and living sector and to highlight them as the key advantages of ZELENI DVOR:

Shop, park, school and more.

Move in the ZELENI DVOR and surprise your parents with an invitation to lunch.

This also gives the campaign the potential to be stretched, as different situations can be attached to it at a later stage in response to basic demands or reactions from the target audience. Its bold touch also makes it well suited to achieving an organic outreach effect in the form of photographs, local media coverage and SMS and e-mail messages.

The graphics were used to present an architecturally modern residential complex in a simple and attractive way, which, with its natural, earthy tones, blends elegantly into its surroundings in the very centre of Murska Sobota. We have thoughtfully “planted” trees directly next to the building, giving the future occupant a sense of being surrounded by nature, but also the necessary degree of privacy. 

The interplay of urban living and green ambience thus illustrates the promised oasis of peacefulness, which attracts the attention of potential customers and encourages them to explore the benefits of living in a ZELENI DVOR.

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