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Project: Graphic Design, Photo and Video Production
Client: ZKTŠ in Občina Murska Sobota

Refreshed image of the summer festival

Every summer, Soboški dnevi or Sobota Days in English, offer a varied, several-day music and cultural program for different generations. That’s why this year we have refreshed the graphic image of this genre-diverse festival, as requested by the client.

As the events are free of charge for visitors, we aimed to create visually appealing, inviting and above all informative jumbo posters and printed materials that promise an unforgettable experience and capture their attention

Graphic design

The use of distinctive typography with white letters for the “Soboški dnevi” sign is crucial for the clear recognition and memorability of the festival. This creates a strong visual impression and recognisability of the festival among visitors.

By using vibrant colours, patterns and elements, we wanted to add liveliness, youthfulness and variety to the graphic design of events organised as part of the festival. On the one hand, the dark blue colour provides a calm backdrop, while the addition of bright pink contributes to the visual contract and dynamics of the overall graphic image. Pink thus symbolises the energy, passion and enthusiasm that visitors feel when attending musical performances, exhibitions and theatre shows.

Elements such as the microphone, drum set, guitar, saxophone and musical notes pay homage to the musical component of the festival. The hot air balloons are not only a feast for the eyes, but also a distinctive element of Pomurje, adding a local identity to the festival, thanks to the traditional competition, which also takes place on the Pomurje plains as part of the World Championships.

To conclude

In 2023, the Festival Soboški dnevi successfully organized 24 different events in 6 venues, with an estimated total of 40,000 visitors from near and far.

We invite you into a world of creative ideas. Contact us and together we will create unforgettable projects!

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