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Project: Photo & Video Content, Graphic Design
Client: Radgonske gorice d.o.o.

Solution based on client’s wishes.

Graphic design has a tremendous impact on the perception of products and the brands behind them. The client therefore approached us with the desire to create a dynamic visual representation of the fusion of freshness and taste of their non-alcoholic SpriCAR with white wine “Janževec” and lemon.

The vibrant graphic design was intended to attract the attention of potential customers – both existing and new enthusiasts – and to stimulate their interest in this refreshing product.

Non-alcoholic spritzer. Summer refreshment for keeping “in your pocket”.

This non-alcoholic fizzy drink is based on non-alcoholic wine enriched with a hint of lemon, so it can be a more than welcome source of refreshment, especially in summer.

The convincing end result exudes the freshness and flavour of the drink. The use of a yellow background colour gives an energetic look, the green leaves and lemon wedges show the freshness and flavour of the drink, and the 3D rendered cans put the product in the spotlight.

The slogan “For the pocket, for the thirst” ensures clear communication and attracts the attention of passers-by, while also emphasising the convenience and utility value of the product. In addition to the slogan, the “0% alcohol-free” attribute is added to appeal to those who avoid alcohol.

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