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Pomgrad image and recruitment campaign


Project: Photo and video production, Social networks
Client: Pomgrad d.d.

Catching attention

At a time when the labor market is constantly changing and requires more and more adaptation, it is important that construction companies also focus on building their image and on effective and innovative ways to attract new employees.

With this in mind, we organized an image and recruitment campaign for Pomgrad, which included a graphic with the main message, social media graphics, and jumbo posters for the three sought-after occupations, as well as short, attention-grabbing videos with the employees in the searched workplaces.

We wanted to communicate three things with the content we produced:

1. that Pomgrad is a safe employer even in uncertain times, standing by its employees or “watching their backs”,

2. that its website offers a wide range of career opportunities; and

3. that it is not just about the vacancies advertised, but also about unique opportunities for personal growth.

Employer image

In order to reach a wide audience, we prepared an “image” campaign in which Pomgrad was presented as a reliable employer. This helped to build the brand and strengthen relationships with customers, especially potential job seekers.

By showing a handshake between a businessman in a smart suit and an employee in protective workwear on the main graphic, we communicated mutual respect, cooperation, and good working relationships, while at the same time conveying the message that, as a good employer, Pomgrad stands by its employees, especially in difficult, unpredictable times.

Recruitment and workforce development

The graphic images created for each particular occupation in the recruitment campaign focused on visual appeal and effectiveness in communicating the key qualities of the employees and the strengths of the jobs advertised.

All three graphics consist of a black and white photograph of the employee at his/her workplace, a scene from the construction site is inserted over the employee’s work clothes, and a green-colored piece of protective gear is also included in the image, which is a distinctive element of Pomgrad.

1. Construction foreman

A graphic was created for the construction foreman with the caption “Look at him, a born leader!” This inscription, combined with the graphic image, highlights the fact that the foreman has a natural talent for being a leader, able to coordinate work and people to achieve goals. The company is trying to impress potential employees with the possibility of taking responsibility for the organization and management of construction projects.

2. Construction worker

The construction worker graphic reads “You build a safe future, not just roads”, to emphasize that construction workers not only build roads, but also contribute to the quality of life and, above all, to building a safe future for us all. We wanted to encourage people to create positive change and contribute to social responsibility.

3. Construction equipment mechanics

Construction projects are now being carried out faster, safer, and more efficiently than ever before with the help of construction machinery. To make them happen and to build a better future, the mechanical engineering profession is essential and requires a great deal of knowledge, skill, and a high degree of precision to operate construction machinery.

That’s why we’ve created a graphic for it, “Future control at your disposal!”, to get potential candidates excited about working with advanced technology and tools.


The scripts for the short videos were based on the information gathered from the interviews conducted with the staff, who were then also photographed in order to create the graphics.

We had in mind that the scripts had to be funny, story-driven, some even dramatic and shocking, i.e. that they would attract people to watch them through to the end with an unusual plot within the first couple of seconds. The performers wanted to make their jobs more interesting for viewers and potential job seekers and to encourage them to visit the website and apply for job vacancies.

Video: A born leader

Video: Always united forces

Video: Machinist

Female personnel

Following a request from Pomgrad, we took the creative flow in the direction of showing how women can also master more complex machines – not only the roller but also the excavator and the asphalt machine.

So with our graphics, we concentrated on two professions that are currently lacking a female “touch”. We have focused in particular on the unique qualities of each profession: the female asphalt paver symbolizes strength, perseverance, and self-confidence, while the female machine operator symbolizes boldness, innovation, and creativity. That is why they are more than welcome in the company.

We chose the machine operator to be the one who expresses her uniqueness. As a woman in a man’s profession, operating heavy machinery, she represents the future, which bears a woman’s name. The image of a female machinist in action with a helmet on her head testifies to her ability to adapt to situations and to face any challenge with knowledge and experience.

Let’s build something big together! Contact us and together we’ll create a digital campaign that will leave a lasting impression.

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