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PANVITA Recruitment campaign


Client: Panvita, d. d.


Constantly faced with the search for personnel in specific fields, for which it is increasingly difficult to find a qualified person with experience, the company Panvita d.d. realized that classical job advertisements will not produce the desired results. In search of a creative solution that would attract the attention of Slovenian tractor drivers, they turned to us.


To attract the attention of Slovenian tractor drivers, of which there are significantly too few according to the needs of the market, we prepared a digital campaign with a touch of humour and playfulness, which would distinguish the company from the competition by communicating creativity, positivity, liveliness and, at the same time, professionalism in the workplace.

We have prepared animated videos in which the work of a tractor driver is presented as playing a Nintendo game – Super Mario.

The well-known soundtrack and accompanying sounds “steal” the attention in the first few seconds and create a positive atmosphere, as well as the continuation of watching the animation, in which the tractor driver collects points by driving and creates bonuses, as in “live streams” where the viewer feels the need to know what will happen in the next second. Through the presentation of the game, we communicated the values and conditions of the workplace, which in many cases turned into an interest in the workplace and consequently application.


Advertising campaign reach: 86.376


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