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Praznični december v Soboti

Festive December in Sobota


Project: Graphic Design
Client:Institute for Culture, Tourism and Sport Murska Sobota

Festive atmosphere

Every year, the festive December in Murska Sobota offers a rich festive program – numerous stalls, workshops, animations, concerts in the glow of a thousand lights, and an outdoor New Year’s Eve party – attracting children and adults alike.

The festive season is a time when the decorated streets shine and create a festive atmosphere. Cities around the world are famous for their festive fairs, where visitors can enjoy festive decorations, culinary delights, handicrafts, exhibitions, concerts, and other festive events, relax and create unforgettable memories with their loved ones. And Murska Sobota is no exception.

When an idea takes shape

This time, the client wanted the refreshed graphic image to include motifs representing the World Hot Air Ballooning Championships, the main part of which took place in the Prekmurje region.

With the graphic design, we wanted to portray the pleasant festive atmosphere that filled the streets of Murska Sobota during the month of December. The updated graphics are therefore based on elements showing hot-air balloons in flight across the sky, the festive image of snow-covered buildings, including St Nicholas Cathedral and the Evangelical Church, and the distinctive silhouette of the Expano pavilion.

Praznični december v Soboti

The designs were transferred to jumbo posters that adorned the streets of Murska Sobota and to various media outlets, including the local newspaper Soboške novine, the ZKTŠ website, and social media posts on Instagram and Facebook.


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