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Project: Digital campaign
Client:Institute for Culture, Tourism and Sport Murska Sobota

Park Theatre screens brought back to life

In cooperation with Art Cinema Network Slovenia, the Park Murska Sobota Theatre enhanced the winter evenings in December and January with artistic blockbusters. The Murska Sobota cinema screened films by both foreign and Slovenian filmmakers.

Institute for Culture, Tourism and Sport Murska Sobota therefore contacted us with the wish to communicate that the Park Theatre would once again screen films, this time of a more artistic nature.

Developing a refined digital campaign

In order to attract the attention of the Pomurje audience and attract as many visitors as possible, the client wanted us to create static and animated ads for the digital campaign. Based on this, we created two visual identity proposals – a bold one and a refined one.

The client opted for the latter because it conveys the essence of the campaign – an interesting, engaging and high-quality film programme for the young at heart.

Creativity and storytelling, fused into one

The graphic design of the art film ads was based on imagery from films that were being shown at the time. We used clear and readable text elements such as film titles and release dates. In this way, the clear graphic design of the advert attracted attention and aroused the audience’s interest in seeing art films in the theatre.

In the first animated ad, we incorporated the question “Where does a true cinephile sit?” to stimulate interest and highlight the unique experience of watching a film in a theatre. The second features a slightly more humorous announcement “Unpaid Film Critics’ Meeting”.

Crafting successful marketing stories

The goal of the campaign was to reach a target audience that loves art films and encourage them to visit their local theatre.

The campaign aimed at film lovers reached 44.048 people and the ads were shown 240.446 times. This means that on average, a person saw our advert about 5 times. In addition, the landing page was visited 1.954 times, which shows that people who saw our ads showed interest in the campaign and decided to follow up. The CTR (click-through rate) was 2.32%, which shows the proportion of people who saw and clicked on the ad and visited the landing page.

Various services and channels were used for the promotion of the campaign, such as social networks (Facebook and Instagram), the ZKTŠ website and advertising on the roto billboard at Hotel Diana and on the screen at Primary School I Murska Sobota. In addition, a raffle was organised to give away two tickets to see a selected film. The budget was split between the display of the adverts and the management of the campaign itself.


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