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Bine Volčič X Wienerberger


Project: Campaign concept, Online advertising, Event activation, Photo & Video content, Web landing page
Client: Wienerberger d.o.o.

The birth of the idea of cooperation

Wienerberger recognised in the innovative Slovenian chef Bine Volčič his respect for tradition and a desire to use natural materials – both in the kitchen and in the design of the new building. Since they share the same goals and values, the idea of cooperation was born quite spontaneously.

Wienerberger approached us with a request for our services and to create an “image” campaign. They wanted to generate public interest in the Wienerberger brand, its products and solutions in the construction sector through interesting, visually appealing content.

The collaboration between the two artisans, who each come from their own backgrounds, therefore focuses in particular on the use of natural and sustainable resources and is an example of the fusion of traditional and modern approaches in cooking, building, and living.

Communication and marketing goals

The campaign was designed to communicate sustainability, the use of natural materials and the implementation of innovative approaches in harmony with tradition.

At the same time, we set ourselves two marketing objectives, namely to raise awareness of the Wienerberger brand and the company’s principles, and thus to become the first thought of potential consumers in need of building solutions. In addition, we also created a Wienerberger x Bine Volčič landing page to raise awareness about the collaboration and to collect contacts from potential customers who are interested in Wienerberger products – either because they need them or because they will need them in the future.

Two artisans, two trades and one shared story

Because we believe that a successful story should be built on a solid foundation, and above all with creative ideas, we have created an attractive video that sums up the main message of the campaign, with the main character making it watchable, recognisable and authentic.

With a striking interplay of different shots filmed in Bine’s kitchen and Wienerberger production, accompanied by Bine’s voiceover, which tells the story of finding inspiration in tradition and returning to nature, we wanted to illustrate the essence of the ‘unusual’ partnership between a construction company and a Slovenian chef.

This search led Bine to the use of authentic natural clay as a key ingredient in the preparation of a delicious dish. The idea of building a new home using this prized material led him to Wienerberger, which uses the clay to make its innovative building products. The decision to use Wienerberger products in the construction process was therefore inevitabile for him.

When cuisine and Bine Volčič greet the world of construction

In the framework of the cooperation, Bine also participated in the 61st Dom fair at the Ljubljana Exhibition Centre, where he gave participated in an exclusive interview for curious visitors.

In the interview, he talked about his experience and his decision to collaborate with Wienerberger on his latest exciting and, above all, surprisingly culinary project – the construction of the Volčič family’s new home in the middle of the Prekmurje plains. Thanks to the construction experts, their new home is constructed with all-natural, sustainable materials.

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