ANNIVERSARY EVENT - Funkit Marketing
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Client: GMT d.o.o.

To gather all the company’s business partners in one place, deepen business ties and create new business acquaintances; as well as to carry out the opening of the Auto Academy, to present the company’s new acquisition – the new logistics center GMT d.o.o – and to organize an educational and entertainment event for the partners as a sign of good business relations.

We took care of the conceptual design of the event, the graphic image and the entire organization and implementation.

The event brought together 2500-3000 participants.
An educational part was provided, as part of which presentation and promotional activities were carried out by suppliers, as well as an entertainment program with varied sports, animation and evening concert events.
During the day, various adrenaline and sports performances took place in the arena, and the event was enriched by the visit of the football players of Mura and the national motocross champion Klemen Gerčar. The evening passed with a two-part concert event.

A charity lottery was organized, the final proceeds of which were doubled by the company and donated to an employee with limited mobility.

As part of the event, guided tours of the company’s new logistics center also took place.

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